About Us

At Hop Dogma, we have a pretty simple business rule. It is to be always striving to push ourselves to improve as brewers and make the best beer we possibly can.  We hold ourselves to expectations that each batch needs to be better than the last.  We believe that it's this commitment to learning, never quite being satisfied, and obsessive-compulsive stubbornness that has made Hop Dogma a worthy beer destination.   

We have a rather different business model.  Our 3.5bbl in-house brewing system and 7bbl fermenters allow us a fun playground of sorts for brewing experimental styles and exploration of unique flavor additions in our beers. However, some of our beers and almost all of our packaged products are brewed off-site in the gypsy fashion.  This unique balancing act we do, while exhausting, has actually helped us grow immensely as brewers. We still have a "license to experiment" on the smaller level but can still make enough beer off-site to continue to grow our brand and quench the thirst of the Greater Bay Area and beyond. 

*Update: We recently purchased a brand new 10bbl system and relocated to a more spacious facility.  We have already iniated a new barrel program and are excited to begin a new chapter of making even more fresh beer for you. 

We remain committed to our goal of creating unique, fun, and always flavorful beers.  For us, the reward is that we get to share a delicious beer with you and expand upon our own personal relationships.  We recently moved to the Harbor Village in Half Moon Bay and are excited for you to see our new taproom and what we've been up to.  Cheers and thanks for reading!


We have been lucky and fortunate enough to have received the following awards from various world renowned and respected beer competitions.  

2018- California State Fair: 1st Place, Pyro's Prost Chili Beer

2018- California State Fair: 3rd Place, Ol' Keller Pilsner

2018- Best of Craft Beer Awards: Silver Medal: Field Beer- Cucumber Rocket Surgery

2017- U.S. Open Beer Championship: Silver Medal: Ol' Keller German Pilsner

2017- U.S. Open Beer Championship: Silver Medal: Rockbiter Roggenbier

2017- U.S. Open Beer Championship: Silver Medal: Pyro's Prost Chili Beer

2017- California State Fair: 3rd Place, South German Wheat Beer, "Honk If You're Heffy"

2017- Los Angeles International Beer Competition: Silver Medal: Doppelbock (Dogmabock)

2017- Best of Craft Beer Awards, Gold Medal: Rock-Biter Roggenbier

2017- Best of Craft Beer Awards, Bronze Medal: Pyro's Prost Chili Beer

2016- Great American Beer Festival, Silver Medal: Rock-Biter Roggenbier

2016 - California State Fair, Silver: Pyro's Prost Chili Beer

2016 - Best of Craft Beer Awards, Bronze: Fides in Fermento Imperial Stout

2016 - Los Angeles International Beer Competition, Bronze: Polydactyl Pilsner

2016 - US Open Beer Championship, Bronze: Gose- There Gose My Heart

2015 - Best of Craft Beer Awards, Gold: Fides in Fermento Imperial Stout

2015 - Central California Craft Beer Competition, Silver: Yogi Beera (Sour Ale)

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - Reader's Choice: Best Beer Bar, Half Moon Bay Review