About Us

Hop Dogma Brewing Company started off as a “hobby business” that two friends, Dan Littlefield and Ethan Martini, thought would be a fun way to share their love of beer with friends.  Before long it would spiral out of control into a new and exciting direction and on July 4th, 2013 they opened the doors of Hop Dogma Brewing Company to the public.  Word of mouth was the only advertising relied on for months but before long the tap room was the new hot spot of town and was bubbling with locals and beer enthusiast alike.  Like the name suggest, Hop Dogma specializes in hop forward styles of beer.  However, they love making lagers of all kinds, sours, stouts, porters, ambers, roggenbier, and just about any other style that one can imagine.  The only goal is to be constantly improving and pushing our limits as brewers.  Hop Dogma has become much more than just a brewery. It has truly become a town center.  We love making new friends, talking beer and of course drinking it, and celebrating all things beer. We sincerely hope that you can come out to El Granada soon and celebrate beer with us!


2017- Los Angeles International Beer Competition: Silver Medal: Doppelbock (Dogmabock)

2017- Best of Craft Beer Awards, Gold Medal: Rock-Biter Roggenbier

2017- Best of Craft Beer Awards, Bronze Medal: Pyro's Prost Chili Beer

2016- Great American Beer Festival, Silver Medal: Rock-Biter Roggenbier

2016 - California State Fair, Silver: Pyro's Prost Chili Beer

2016 - Best of Craft Beer Awards, Bronze: Fides in Fermento Imperial Stout

2016 - Los Angeles International Beer Competition, Bronze: Polydactyl Pilsner

2016 - US Open Beer Championship, Bronze: There Gose My Heart

2015 - Best of Craft Beer Awards, Gold: Fides in Fermento Imperial Stout

2015 - Central California Craft Beer Competition, Silver: Yogi Beera (Sour Ale)

2014, 2015, 2016 - Reader's Choice: Best Beer Bar, Half Moon Bay Review