Hop Dogma was born from the home brewing movement.


It all started when our co-founder Dan received a homebrewing kit as a gift from his girlfriend and now wife (he knew she was a keeper), Kara . Soon, their downstairs was converted into a makeshift brewery.

A brew club was created, but Dan felt he had more to contribute and started eying his dream of starting a small brewery. He enlisted the help from his talented brewing buddies. Soon, the Hop Dogma team formed. Kyle had worked at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for 10-years and Jesse was an accomplished home-brewer with a solid background in chemistry, all three sharing the same love for good-tasting beer. None imagined their hobby would one day grown into a full-fledged business.


We’re small and we like it that way.

Our philosophy has always been to make good beer and do good with it. We have way too much fun in what we’re doing not to spread that joy with others. We’ve remained inspired by focusing on brewing for our community. Our “Campfire Beer Campaign” rose over $38,000 for the victims of the Butte County Wildfires in 2018 and we have donated and invested heavily in local education since our opening in 2013. We believe whole heartedly that it’s part of our responsibility to give back to the community which we love so much.

Like our beers, each brewer is different.

Kyle is the handy-man with a rich background in the brewing industry. He’s worked for breweries before he was even allowed to drink their product. From management to everyday operations, he has done a little of everything and was an amazing addition to our team. Jesse is the swiss-army knife. He’s good at everything and always strives for perfection. He’s been there, with Dan, from almost the very beginning and is constantly pushing to improve Hop Dogma in any way possible. The creative spark behind Hop Dogma is the founder, Dan, who is always pushing Hop Dogma into new directions and striving to find both traditional and innovative ways to further improve our beer. Then, there is the team behind the bar who are honestly the lifeblood of Hop Dogma. Our talented staff take beer very seriously and work hard to ensure that you, our patrons, have the best experience possible while visiting. Oh yeah, then there’s Carlo, the tap room manager, well… he’s a Dodger’s fan (we know we know) but we still like him.

Hop Dogma core team—circa 2019

Hop Dogma core team—circa 2019