Taproom update

Well Hello There,

Been a little while, I know. I'm sorry. It's gotten a little funny with Jesse writing the email updates to those on the mailing list.  I kinda feel like I've updated people but haven't so here I go!

We have good news and bad news.  The good news is the taproom is nearly complete and we plan to host some soft openings with tours included very soon.  The bad news is we are still patiently waiting for the TTB to approve our transfer to the new address.  Transferring a license has proven to be just as difficult if not more so then filing for an original.  Who'd have thought. It's not like we had a choice but to leave the old location but we didn't think a transfer would take so long.  So we can't make beer on site just yet.  It doesn't matter too much though because we are still awaiting approval of our permits for the production space so we couldn't brew yet even if we had the TTB. However, we are working with several breweries in the area to contract brew in the meantime.  They have been incredibly accommodating and we have been able to brew all we like.  Big shout out to the folks at Benoit-Casper, Morgan Territory, and E.J. Phair Brewing.  

Jesse, Kyle, and I just got back from the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee! What a blast it was.  The seminars were really awesome this year and we took away lots of valuable new information about the state of the industry (ya'll need to drink more, :), new brewing techniques and products, and much much more.  We had a chance to check out the trade show as well and got a glimpse of a very similar skid-mount brewing system from our supplier that we will be getting (see the attached picture).  We are so excited to get this beauty up and running.  We won't see it until August but with all the other stuff we need to take care of I have a feeling that August will roll around faster than expected.  This system will be able to make about three and a half times more beer in one session than we used to brew.  It may sound like a lot, but it's still a pretty small scale by many standards.  We just felt a 10bbl is the perfect size for creating a quantity of beer that will be consumed fresh and not sit around for too long before you get a chance to taste it.  Our goal is to brew small batches and brew them often.  

Well that's it for now.  Please join the email mailing list for more info and to get the scoop on the upcoming soft openings!



Ethan Martini