Every beer begins as a conversation.

We explore our creativity the moment it strikes and bounce ideas back and forth until new beers are born. Gimmicks get thrown out quickly. We’re our own worst critics. Brewing in small batches assures we’re intentional in everything we do. Never does a beer reach our tap room that hasn’t been obsessed over until we feel it is ready. The long nights are worth it when our labor of love produces a new fan favorite.


A labor of love.

Making small batches of beer is a labor of love. We’re keeping quality standards high by hand selecting premium hops from farmers in Yakima, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. We prefer an authentic German malt for many of our beers.

Each beer must pass a sensory panel from the brewers in which we talk about what we like and don’t like, how the carbonation feels, the mouth, aromas, and how clean the taste is. Once we all agree, naming the beer just happens. Usually, it’s as simple as something goofy someone said in our text thread.

Complexity and character.

Hop Dogma focuses on distinct unforgettable flavors that stand out in complexity and character. We collaborate with other brewers and frequently participate in craft-beer competitions to assure our ideas are original and of the highest professional quality. We have a hankering for bringing the flavors in our heads to life.

Every beer is an individual for us, and therefore is deserving of a unique approach to it. Rarely is anything drastically different, more so of a constant fine-tuning of our process.